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Feb. 24, 2017
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Who are we?

'Global Business Access'
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Free Set-Up
We take care of the entire administrative process for you.
There are a few transactions and web forms to be filled out. We set up your accounts. You sit back, within days you will get our packet with information you can keep for your records.

There will be some basic information that we will need to get you started.

Within the first week, we will take the time to gather information from you to insure that your business is properly represented through your web site.
(See 'Custom Web site Design' below)

We will set up email boxes and web-mail for anyone in your staff. For companies with large staffs, you can fax us a list with the desired name, email address, and password.
        Dan Smith - (password)
        Dr. Parsons- (password)
        Sales Department- (password)

If you have any photographs we will get those into the web site.

If you have a company logo we will use it. If you don't, we'll make you a logo. FREE

This is a partial list of the tasks that we carry out for you
    Set up your Domain Registrar Account (*
    Set up your Web Hosting (***
    Set up your Web site Software (***
    Set up your Web site Traffic Software (*

About The Web Servers
In every situation, it is important to make sure that your data is safe, secure, backed-up and accessible 24-7.
    Featuring Virtual Server Technology by The Engineer Lab
    Reliable Self-Healing Servers
    TWO server facilities directly on Major Internet Nodes
                - Washington D.C. (Americas, North Atlantic Rim, Europe)
                - Vancouver, Canada (Pacific Rim,India, Japan, China)

Yeah, they're fast.

    Secure Payment Gateway (***
    Secure Encryption (*
    Shopping Cart
    Shipping & Checkout Process
    PayPal (Enabled at your request)
    Inventory Control (Enabled at your request)

***,, and, are offered by The Engineer Lab.
*,, and are not affiliated with The Engineer Lab.

Also, we register your business with 'Google Business' and Yahoo Local.

Also, please click the links below to see what else we do for you within the first-30 Days.

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Last Updated: 04, 2005
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