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Jul. 18, 2018
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Marketing Package
The Marketing Package is included with every account. This is included in the cost to hire a webmaster to maintain a website?
We provide the large initial effort and the constant vigilance needed to actually boost your exposure on search engines and business directories.

Every Search engine expert will tell you that it takes a constant effort to keep your site listed where others can find it.

The large benefit of this package is that we do that for you.

What we do is more than just clicking on a few buttons and calling it a marketing strategy. What we do is fairly involved and fairly detail-oriented.

Upon account creation:
        We register your domain. ($14.95 value) FREE
        We create a web site with as much information as you can give us.
        Your web site is live within 24 hours.

During the first week we automatically do these tasks:
        We submit your web site to over 400 Search Engines. ($24.95 value) FREE
        We research and implement as much 'search engine language' into your site. (Priceless***)
        We create your web site optimized for Search Engines from the ground up. (Priceless***)

During the first 30-days, we also do these four things that are FREE, but time consuming:
    We submit your physical business address to
        Google Business Directory.
        Yahoo Local Directory.
        The top 5 industry directories that apply to your business.
        The top 5 local business directories that apply to your business.

Each month:
        We keep your site 'Keyword Optimization' update for Search Engines. ($99.95/month value)FREE

For eCommerce Clients:
Please see the list of benefits included with the eCommerce Plan.

***We build web sites using the latest, most universally accepted methods for creating MARKETABLE WEBSITES:
        Universally accepted html code.
        Automated Meta-Tag creation.
        URL's contain full keywords.
        Every page is AOL friendly.
        Every page is Google friendly.
        Every page is iPhone friendly.
        Information on when each document was 'last updated'.

Search Engines love freshly-dated content.
        New Services Offered
        New Customer Testimonials
        New Answers to 'Frequently Asked Questions'
        Blogs and Open Forums
        Industry News
        Glossary of Industry-Related Terms

We realize that only some of these apply to your business, so we use every tool we can. We manage your site to help you easily add fresh content relevant to your industry. This ongoing effort is what trully helps get exposure for your business.

Created: Oct 12, 2004
Last Updated: Oct 25, 2008
Last Major Change: Oct 25, 2008

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